Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MySQL 2012 Conference Key Note

I just came from the 2012 MySQL Conference Key Note inspired.

Peter ZaitsevCo-founder and CEO, kicked off the key note giving a "state of the union" of MySQL and how the 2012 MySQL Conference almost didn't happen with the acquisition of MySQL by Oracle and then O'Reilly dropping sponsorship.  Read more here.

Baron Schwartz, Chief Performance Architect, then followed with a lesser technical and more personal presentation of his own roll in the MySQL communicate and how he got there.  Leaving a "Office Space" like job programming VB6 and ASP to work for a smaller startup company using open source software.  Baron encouraged the attendees to be inspired and work within the community to solve everyday problems by building open source software.

Mårten MickosCEO, Eucalyptus Systems and previously as CEO of MySQL AB, discussed the history of database servers and his perspective of where MySQL is going and its roll in the cloud. 

Brian AkerFellow at HP, previously the CTO of Data Differential, creator of Drizzle, a Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer, and the former Director of Architecture for MySQL, then gave an overview of “Servicing Databases for the Cloud” and announced HP's Open Cloud running OpenStack.  When Brain speaks you want to listen, his views and opinions typically become reality and rules.

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