Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 MySQL Conference

I'm writing this blog post from a Boeing 737 30,000 feet above our wonderful planet that is wifi-enabled, oh how far we have come, filled with excitement for the rest of the week as I have a free ticket to the MySQL 2012 Conference present by Percona.

A few weeks ago I was notified by Baron Schwarts that I was one of the Percona ticket winners!  My company, thank you Doug, was gracious enough to put me on a plane and allow me to spend the week in sunny California sharping my MySQL DBA skills.  Unfortunate for my wife I'm gone and she has to deal with our two kids all by her lonely self - ok the kids are really dogs but still  - sorry Laura.

This morning I spent about an hour going over the conference schedule and tutorials and I do have to say what a show.  If Percona had a motion picture trailer to promote the conference it would be a block buster showing of movie stars, effects and promisses of huge explosions, drama and romance!  I have high expectations and I know the tutorials and conference will be a huge success just because of the individuals involved.  Percona and the MySQL community have put a lot of effort into planning and promoting the event, so thank you Percona and MYSQL community!

A few events I'm planing on attending:

Tuesday Tutorials: 
  • Innodb and XtraDB Architecture and Performance Optimization
    I believe the more I understand about the inner workings of InnoDB the better DBA I will be.  I do hope InnoDB's global kenel mutex locking is truly fixed in 5.6. 
  • Linux and H/W Optimization for MySQL
    To me you have to have a solid fondation to start with and H/W is key to better performance, hope to learn a little bit about SSD here.
  • BoF: Percona XtraDB Cluster
    Ground breaking? - maybe, I'm skeptical about XtraDB Cluster because it falls short just like a lot of the other clustering solutions for MySQL.  For example, only InnoDB, no memory temporary table support.  I could be wrong - but I haven't found a solution that is just plug-in-play for MySQL, meaning I don't have to change my app to make it work.  Hope to learn more here and get some insight of the roadmap.
Wednesday Day 1 Conference:
  • MySQL Plugins - why should I bother?
    I've heard of them, I use them but have no idea how plugins could be used further.  I have my own ideas on what they can do, lets see how easy it is to build my own plugin...I see a blog post here.
  • Getting InnoDB Compression ready for Facebook
    I use compression in my own application for HIPAA audit logs and its been great, however I know there are issues regarding performance and have not moved to mail application data yet - maybe FB has some tricks up there sleeve.
  • Diagnosing Intermitted Performance Problems
    We all have been there - those Zabbix or Nagios pages that say high load or to many threads for a brief period of time.  Baron gives great talks about collecting, aggregating, visually and processing data to diagnose server problems.  Looking forward to this one.  
I will be trying to blog the tutorials and talks but no promisses. 

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